About Whitefield

Whitefield near Hotel The Chettinad Service Apartment and Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore
You will be forgiven for thinking that the groves of the Casurina trees that glisten white in the distance, is the reason for Whitefield getting its name. Historically however, this suburb of Bangalore was under the jurisdiction of one Mr. White, for development agriculturally.In the early part of the last century, many pensioners made this quiet countryside of Bangalore's outskirts, home.
In local legends however, this became the reason for the place being known as White-field. Today however, we have the gleaming white silver of metal, wires and glass used in the buildings and it still is Whitefield. Whitefield is one of the important IT centers of Bangalore. The suburb being included into the mega polis, visitors- domestic and international, wing their way to this IT hub at ITPL. Accommodation for short stays obviates the need for simple luxury hotels that fit the budget. The Chettinad being a short five minutes away from the Technology Park is ideally suited for your business trip. The Sai Baba Ashram, the shopping malls, the international schools, The Vydehi and Sai Baba Hospital are all situated in Whitefield to cater to the residents, their guests and visitors and help make it a city within a city. So if you are looking for a long stay or a short one that is affordable in the ITPL area, the serviced apartments and rooms of The Chettinad may just be what you are looking for.

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